Do you want to lose weight? Test to learn how to lose weight – Question 1



How does this test work to know the best method to lose weight?
It is very simple, with only 4 questions we can recommend the best diet or product so you can lose weight.

Always in a healthy and natural way, obtaining a progressive loss of body fat until you reach your ideal weight.

Tips to lose weight

To lose weight is extremely important to reach the ideal weight of your body and thus maintain yourself with a beautiful figure, for it is important to have a good methodology when it comes to losing weight, it is not about not eating, it is not about killing yourself doing sports, not It is about taking pills or any remedy that a friend or acquaintance recommends us.


Losing weight is a gradual process, with difficult and easy moments, there are no tricks or miracle diets, there is commitment, dedication and constant exercise.

In this page and in summary form we are going to offer tips to lose weight, which will undoubtedly help you to have your weight and ideal figure:

Diet: let’s be clear !!!, you will not lose weight if you do not diet, or at least, you balance the consumption of calories. Therefore, to lose weight is essential to resume or train in new eating habits that help you control the consumption of fats and excess carbohydrates.

Exercise: exercise is vitar to lose weight for several reasons. First, because doing moderate or intense physical activity burns calories, which forces the body to release fat to convert it into carbohydrates, and second, exercise helps your mind to manage food anxiety, that is, it is a methodology sensational to start a healthy and measured diet.