Do you want to lose weight? Question 4

Perfect, you are on the right track, now answer truthfully question number 4.



1. Give up what I like.
2. A way to lose weight.
3. Starve.
4. A sacrifice


How to lose weight easily without stopping eating

There are people who really panic to a diet, that is why we are going to tell you how to lose weight easily without stopping eating. Of course, to lose weight, you do not have to stop eating. The really important thing is knowing how to eat and when and how to eat. Remember that regardless of what you eat, foods must be chewed very slowly so they can be processed better.

On the other hand we will tell you that you should not stop eating, as a curious thing, in all diets to lose weight, people should eat six times a day instead of the three or four that people usually get used to. And the other is that you should eat at the hours, the fact of jumping or skipping the intake of one hour of food, is totally contrary to any food pattern.


The first thing we must take into account if we want to lose weight is that we should exercise

If indeed, the first thing we must take into account if we want to lose weight is that we must exercise, sometimes we can submit to rigorous diets believing that necessarily for this, we have to lose weight. Well, maybe there is no problem in the intake of food, but in that we must exercise the body so that the metabolism works as it should be.

For every person it is advisable to do a little exercise daily, at least we must walk an hour daily in a regular and sustained way, so that the body gets warm and sucks all the toxins. If we are passed in our measures, it is advisable that we wrap our bodies in rubber and hold them with bandages every time we go to walk, then we put the gymnastics jumpsuit and to the street, or to the park!

People who do not like to walk on the street, can substitute the hour of hiking for half an hour by bicycle, this is great and it takes less time. The secret is to be constant with everything we do, half treatments can be anti-productive. We want to say that if we walk very slowly and stop at every corner we find ourselves with a neighbor to talk, we will be wasting our time, and we are not really exercising. We are just walking and that does not help to lose weight.


Drinking enough water a day is an excellent way to help us lose weight

Of course this is another, taking enough water a day is an excellent way to help us lose weight, but like everything else, it has its trick, it is not to get rid of water without control. The organism is not capable of supporting ten glasses of water in one pull, with less than that we drown or we burst the belly. As indicated, it is advisable to drink eight to ten glasses a day of water, but you are taking them two by two every two hours, or one every hour, as you prefer.

Some people prefer to measure the amount of the day corresponding to the ten glasses, toss them in a container, and take small sips throughout the day. They are reminded, that this water should be at normal temperature, we mean, it is more efficient to lose weight to drink the natural cold water of the refrigerator.