Do you want to lose weight? Question 3

Perfect, you are on the right track, now answer truthfully question number 3.



1. More overweight or obese.
2. There is everything.
3.Mostly thin.


The best diets to detoxify your body

We already knew that there are different types of diets, the most common, which are the well-known diets for losing weight, are those to which people are very afraid of the sacrifice they entail. But there are also diets to gain weight, for diabetics, for pregnant women, for children, for convalescents or in a state of recovery for any surgical intervention. However at this time we are going to deal specifically with the best diets to detoxify your body.

Yes, this is a type of diet that all people should do at least once or twice a year in order to cleanse our body of so many impurities due to bad habits in food intake. Almost always we neglect and saturate the body with fat and very heavy food that accumulate in the intestines, causing digestive disorders and especially constipation.


Is it necessary to clean our body of impurities at least twice a year?

Of course, the advisable thing is that we take care of ourselves to avoid greater evils and it is for this reason that we consider that it is necessary to clean our organism of impurities at least twice a year, and this can only be achieved through the ingestion of fat-reducing and rich foods. in substances that help us eliminate excess toxins.

By detoxifying your body, the improvement is going to be noticed both in your skin, which becomes more lush, as in the brightness of your eyes and it will also help you to have a better digestion without taking into account that intestinal function will be significantly improved , definitely helping to avoid intestinal laziness. On the other hand, by having the body detoxified from toxins our energies will increase and we will be in better conditions to work.


Appropriate diets to quickly detoxify

The first thing we must take into account is that the vehicle par excellence to detoxify us, we have it in the water, that by ingesting it in generous amounts, as it is about ten glasses a day, we will be helped to eliminate all the impurities of the body of the faster and more efficient way, but we must do it in the correct way, that is, in shots spaced from a glass every hour and that this is in a natural state, not cold in the fridge.

In addition, there are some fruits such as pineapple that is wonderful to detoxify the body of impurities and in the process help us lose weight quickly. We can choose to make a diet one day a week based on consuming only pineapple in pieces or pineapple or pineapple milkshakes for twenty-four hours.

In this way you will see an incredible result. But you should not use sugar, only sweeteners such as stevia or a little honey if necessary because the pineapple was very acidic. If you can tolerate it naturally and without sweeteners better for you.