Do you want to lose weight? Question 2

Perfect, you are on the right track, now answer truthfully question number 2.



1. From 2 to 3 kilos.
2. Between 3 and 7 kilos.
3. More than 10 kilos.


Avoid these foods to maintain good health

To lead a good lifestyle according to what some nutritionists say avoid these foods to maintain good health so that your body works properly without fear of suffering from any ailment by excess of vitamins and minerals called vitamin deficiency; Remembering that it is highly recommended to read the labels that bring the containers with nutritional information.

It should be noted that the industry, more than anything, makes multiple efforts to add to their preparations in a way that is as innocuous to the body as it should be, however there are other manufacturers that sometimes place on their labels product free of trans fat and they are the opposite.


You should not consume excess sugar if you want to have good health

We all know the damage caused by ingesting more sugar than necessary in our daily food intake, and one of the greatest contributions of this matter is disguised in the packaging of sodas and other foods that indicate on their labels that they are light products that they use only artificial sweeteners like saccharin in ice creams, yogurts and desserts, which when eaten with craving cause a lot of discomfort.

Many stomach problems derive from the excessive intake of these products consciously labeled by manufacturers in many parts of the world, and that when the individual eats them, they find that their organism does not metabolize some of those aggregates well and provoke in their digestive system to ulcers that in some cases have merited surgical interventions due to the damage they have found in their stomach walls.


You should avoid consuming soft drinks to have good health

This habit is one of the causes that more increase diabetes mellitus is known in the world, due to the large amount of industrial sugar that comes packaged in each of the soft drink bottles we consume daily, and any occasion we are present do not hesitate to raise the bottle, then immediately make that characteristic noise (belching) that demonstrates satisfaction with what we have ingested.

Each container of soda brings an average addition of a few teaspoons of sugar that are being 10 to be more precise so if we eat high amounts of soda a day, we force our pancreas to produce more insulin to absorb excessive levels of sugar in the blood and then use them as an energy factor; accumulating as fat located around our bellies.